Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines Service Animal Policy

Service Animals

Service Animals: Service animals trained to assist passengers with mobility, sight or hearing disabilities are welcome on board. However, passengers are encouraged to check quarantine restrictions for their final destination. We welcome service animals that are trained to assist our passengers with mobility, sight, or hearing disabilities in the cabin on our flights. However, some locations, including Hawaii and Great Britain, have quarantine laws, and others may prohibit or restrict entry of these animals. You should check with us or your travel agent before your travel date regarding any applicable restrictions.

Animals in Training

Animals in training do not meet qualifications for a service animal and fees for transporting your animal may apply. For additional information, please contact Reservations. Assistive devices or life-support equipment (non-oxygen generating) may be brought into the aircraft provided that the apparatus can fit into a storage location approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you require additional space to accommodate your assistive equipment, you may need to purchase an additional seat.