Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines Service Animal Policy

Traveling with Your Service Animal

Trained service animals are welcomed to accompany a guest into the cabin, if they meet the conditions of acceptance. For further information please visit our Contract of Carriage Rule 55 and Rule 56. Hawaiian Airlines does not accept under any circumstances certain unusual Animals. For information on animals that are prohibited, visit our Contract of Carriage Rule 4. Animal Behavior: Service Animals will not be permitted on board if the service animal displays threatening behavior that is not successfully mitigated (e.g. growling, snarling, lunging at or attempting to bite people, etc.) or if the animal causes a significant disruption in cabin service. Once this behavior is observed, the animal will be considered a pet and will be subject to all conditions and charges for the acceptance of a pet under Contract of Carriage Rule 200.

Therapy and Service Animals in Training

Under the Air Carrier Access Act, an animal undergoing training or an animal that is used for or by a therapy organization or government entity to service as a therapy animal, visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other facilities do not meet the definition of a Service Animal. Hawaiian Airlines will accept these animals as a pet and all pet fees will apply. Documentation Requirements If verbal assurance is not credible, Hawaiian Airlines may require documentation that substantiates the medical need for the animal to accompany the passenger as a condition for allowing the animal to travel as a Trained Service Animal in the cabin.