Jet Blue Airlines
Jet Blue Airlines Service Animal Policy

Service Animal Travel

JetBlue welcomes service and emotional support/psychiatric service animals in the cabin at no additional charge. You will be asked at the airport to verify the service the animal provides. Definition of animal roles: Service animals: A service animal has been trained to perform a specific task to assist the customer traveling such as path finding, retrieval of objects, providing stability, alerting to sounds, etc. Emotional Support Animals: An emotional support/psychiatric service animal provides comfort to you in support of your diagnosed mental or emotional disorder. Your animal must behave appropriately in a public setting and have required documentation noted below. If you are traveling with more than one animal, JetBlue will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the space needed. If your animals are too large to fit in a single foot space in accordance with FAA safety regulations, you may purchase a second seat to guarantee travel or wait for a flight that has empty seats available.

Travel requirements:

Please add the animal to your reservation when booking on line or notify JetBlue at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) of the animal's travel. All animals must remain on the floor unless the animal can fit completely and comfortably in your lap No animal is ever allowed to be placed on a seat. Service animals in training are not accepted for travel on JetBlue. Animals that provide comfort for others or skills like drug or bomb detection will not be accepted on JetBlue. JetBlue does not accept the following animals as service or emotional support/psychiatric service animals. These animals pose unavoidable safety and/or public health concerns and will not be allowed on JetBlue flights.  Hedgehogs  Ferrets  Insects  Rodents  Snakes  Spiders  Sugar gliders  Reptiles  Non-household birds (farm poultry, waterfowl, game bird, & birds of prey)  Animals improperly cleaned and/or with a foul odor  Animals with tusk  Emotional support/psychiatric service animal’s documentation requirements In order to travel with an emotional support/psychiatric service animal, you must provide current documentation (i.e., no older than one year from the date of the scheduled initial flight) on letterhead or prescription pad from a licensed mental health professional or physician* stating the following: The customer traveling has a mental health-related disability or diagnosed mental health condition. The animal accompanying the customer is necessary to the customer's mental health or treatment. The number and type of animal(s) The individual providing the assessment of the customer is a licensed mental health professional and the customer is under his or her professional care and treatment or a physician specifically treating the mental health disorder. The physician or mental health professional's license number OR the type of license, the issue date and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued. Please note: Required documentation for Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals must always accompany the animal when traveling and is to be presented upon request to JetBlue personnel for review. JetBlue accepts documentation in the following electronic forms: The behavior of the animal will be assessed at the airport to ensure safety requirements are met before approving the animal for travel. *Any licensed mental health professional (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker) including a medical doctor who is specifically treating a customer's mental or emotional disability. Additional documentation required: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands require vaccination documentation for the animal to be admitted into the destination. International destinations have vaccination and documentation requirements. View pet or service/emotional support animal requirements to travel Pet relief area accommodation: Upon request, assistance will be offered by JetBlue crewmembers to and from the Airport Pet Relief Areas. Please ask an airport crewmember for directions to the relief area. Flying on Mint JetBlue permits Service Animals/Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals to accompany you in any seat unless the animal obstructs an aisle or other area that must remain unobstructed in order to facilitate an emergency evacuation. In JetBlue's Mint seating, you will forfeit the reclining feature in order to accommodate your animal on the floor. Animal carriers are not permitted in Mint seating during critical phases of flight (taxi, take-off and landing) and must be stowed in the overhead compartment. If your animal is small enough to sit comfortably on your lap, the reclining feature may be used. If your animal(s) are of a size that prevents an adjacent customer from utilizing the amenities of their seat, the customer traveling with the animal(s) may need to be re-accommodated in another seat.