☑️ SENDING CUSTOM INFORMATION IS EASY: Just go to www.givedog.info, to submit all Dog & Handler information with photos. Questions call 386-864-8200. Orders ship once your personalized information is received. Same-day shipping available at no additional charge on orders where registration has occurred by 2:00 PM EST.


☑️ QR CODE REGISTRY LOOK-UP: Unique QR code allows ID card to be scanned, and the user is redirected to your complimentary registration on the U S Service Dogs Registry website (Registration instructions sent with form after purchase directly to your Amazon email account).


☑️ FULL ACCESS: The Fair Housing Act (FHAct) allows a person to keep an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) dog in housing with a "no pets" policy, size or weight restriction. However, FHAct only requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations for persons with ESA dog. The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) allows for an ESA dog to travel with its owner in an airplane.


☑️ MAXIMUM SECURITY: The embedded holographic seal gives the Key Tag ID badge a level of authenticity that’s undisputable. No lamination is used, so there is no chance of delaminating over time, guaranteed!


☑️ HIGH QUALITY: Professionally designed set of 3 full-color High Definition 30 mil thick PVC Plastic ID Key Tag cards (Size 2-1/8” X 1-1/8”) imprinted with your photo, dog and handlers name, registration number and optionally with address and phone number.


Custom Holographic Emotional Support Dog Key Tag ID Card (Set of 3)

  • How Do We Obtain Your Data and Photo for Imprinting on Your ID?

    After you complete your purchase, an email is sent to you within one hour to complete your registration.  This registration contains all data we need to print your ID including the photo you uploaded. The registration number is not only printed on our ID Cards but also embedded in the QR code with the link to the website to view your unique registration. The QR code allows a fast look-up of your registration with just a cell phone photo of the QR code on your ID card. When you register, your registration number will be assigned immediately. You may request to use an existing registration number, as well.


    Custom Full Color Holographic ID Cards

    Our professionally designed, custom full color, high definition, holographic Key Tag ID cards are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Our ID cards are the same size as a reward Key Tag card, so you can easily carry them on your key chain or attached with the provided ring to your dog’s harness or collar. They are convenient to have when you don’t want to reach for your Main Holographic Emotional Support Dog ID Card.

    Holographic security seal images are embedded during the printing process, never laminated, so you do not have to worry about the delamination of your card with use over time. With a slight twist of the card, you can see the silver holographic, giving your card an unquestionable level of authenticity. Holograph does not distort the photo.

    ID Key Tag cards are TSA Compliant. The front of the card contains all the information on you and your Emotional Support Animal. You may customize your card with an optional address and phone number information. The backside references the FH Act Federal law and regulations, as well as a QR Code and link to a unique registration.


    Are you required to have a photo ID and/or a vest?

    No-The FH Act does not require Emotional Support animals to wear a photo ID tag, vest, or specific harness.

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