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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that proof of “certification or license” cannot be required by any business or organization for access if your dog meets the requirements of a service animal and you meet the requirements for a person with a legal disability. However, many businesses and employees are not aware of this American’s with Disabilities (ADA) law. A proper service animal ID will reduce or eliminate these annoying and bothersome situations and confrontations.

While a Service Animal ID card is not required by law, it has become the accepted method of correctly addressing inquiries from business owners and their employees. Your card is customized with your credentials and your animals photo, along with a scannable QR code that takes the inquirer right to your registration on the US Service Dogs Registry.  Handlers who have been put to the test say service animal id’s have dramatically sped up the process of getting through airport security, TSA, pet restricted areas and others without the arguments and conflicts they faced prior to having a service animal Id card.

Giving Back
Does Registering My Dog Make It A Service Dog?

Registering allows someone to voluntarily record a record of their dog in a category that animal meets the standards for.  For any dog, regardless of it being a Service, Emotional Support or Therapy Dog, training and behavior skills need to be resolved before you expose your dog to the public. This training can be done completely by you the owner, or with assistance from a qualified trainer. The second phase of any service dog training is the service training.  While many owners have successfully trained their dog to meet the service needed by their disability, medical training often needs a professional trainer who can successfully have your dog quickly meeting all your needs.

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