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  • Misrepresentation: US Service Dogs Registry and/or Just4Paws Group LLC is not responsible for any misrepresentation by any customer of the Identification products sold. As per ADA laws Working Dogs or their Handlers are not required to have an identification card. However, research shows that service dog handlers who carry service dog ID cards experience less confrontation by employees of establishments or entities than those who don't. If your ID cards and/or certificate arrive and you discover they are incorrect (printed with different information than you originally provided with your order), we'll remake and ship them out within 24 hours. Just explain what did not meet your expectations, and we will work with you as to what is required to be done to produce a replacement. Customer Service Agents are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time to help you register, make a purchase or address an error.



    Key Product Features:


    HIGHEST PRINT QUALITY AT 600 DPI - Your professionally designed, full color, high-definition ID card will be printed using the latest technology. Your photo and text will be transferred to the surface of the lightweight but extremely durable PVC card at 600 DPI and sealed into the PVC Composite Plastic. Size identical to a credit card (2-1/4” X 3-1/3”) and imprinted with your dog’s photo, dog and handler's name, dog's registration number, and optionally microchip, address, & phone number.


    FULL HOUSING ACCESS PLUS - This Emotional Support ID will reduce the conflicts and challenges from uninformed individuals, allowing your Emotional Support Dog to have access to all housing opportunities, regardless of a "No Pet Policy", per the Fair Housing Act. This ID may also be used along with your doctor’s letter of need or Letter of Accommodation.

    QR CODE REGISTRY LOOK-UP & DIGITAL ID - A unique QR code allows the ID to be scanned and the user is redirected to your complimentary working-dog registration on the US Service Dogs Registry website. Your data will be entered in the registry, and you will receive a digital copy. Digital IDs are sent via text to your phone, the business day after your order ships.


    YOUR PHOTO IS EVERYTHING - Be sure to provide an original, full-color, uncropped, unedited forward-facing photo of your Working Animal. We will edit and crop your photo to fit the IDs format. If the photo that you provide is unsatisfactory, your order may be delayed until you provide a replacement.


    CHECK TWICE BEFORE SUBMITTING - Please be sure to proofread your information as we print exactly what you put in the customization form. We are not responsible for any misspelled names, incorrect addresses, or phone numbers unless it is different than what you submitted.



    ID HOLDER - Sturdy with a swivel snap hook, easily attaches to your dog's collar. Fits your ESA ID perfectly and is designed to minimize confrontation and help provide access to public areas.


    FREE REGISTRATION - Customization information and photos allow us to create a free registration at US Service Dogs Registry for you. A new registration number will be created for you unless you provide a previous registration number.


    MADE IN THE USA - Your ID is proudly made in the USA. We are confident you and your dog will be extremely proud to present this ID. Your order will ship USPS First Class Mail with tracking unless other services were purchased. We strive to ship orders received by 2:00 PM the same day. Your order will include one (1) ID, one (1) Card Holder, and one (1) digital copy, which will be sent via text to your phone, the business day after your ID is shipped.


Just 4 Paws Custom Emotional Support ID Card with QR Code & Security Seal and Op

  • Landscape Style - Address and Phone Number Optional

    Protected by Fair Housing Amendments Act

    Recognized in All 50 States, Canada, E.U. & Parts of Asia.

    Recognized by Airlines for free flying

    Recognized by Transportation Security Authority (TSA)

    Recognized by Housing Pet Policy

    Approved for all breeds

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