• SENDING CUSTOM INFORMATION IS EASY: Go to www.givedog.info, to submit all Dog & Handler information with photos. Questions call 386-864-8200. Your order will only ship promptly once all your personalized information is received. Same-day shipping available on orders where registration has occurred by 2:00 PM EST.
  • QR CODE REGISTRY LOOK-UP: Unique QR code allows ID card to be scanned and user is redirected to your complimentary Service Dog registration on the U S Service Dogs Registry website (Registration instructions sent with form after purchase).
  • SPECIAL ACCESS: Therapy dogs are frequently invited to visit schools, libraries, assisted living homes, hospitals and hospices, though a therapy dog and handler have no special rights to be accommodated anywhere that dogs are not generally allowed.
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: The embedded holographic seal gives the ID card a level of authenticity that’s undisputable. No lamination is used so there is no change of delaminate over time, guaranteed!
  • QUALITY: Professionally designed full color High Definition 30 mil thick PVC Plastic ID card (Size 2-1/4” X 3.-1/3”) imprinted with your dog’s photo, dog and handlers name and optionally with dogs registration number, address and phone number.

Custom Holographic QR Code Therapy Dog ID Card - Landscape

  • Landscape Style - Address and Phone Number Optional

    Recognized by hospital, nursing and other facilities.

    Approved by special needs centers

    Approved for all breeds

    Accepted in the physical and psychosocial arenas.

    Preference Pet Companion Access

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