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  •  DOG SMART BARK CONTROL CHIP: Our dual Induction microprocessor anti-bark collar has 7 progressive, adjustable sensitive levels and 3 training modes effectively stopping the barking. This anti-bark collar with Intelligent vibration detection instead of sound detection barking chip prevents false triggering, only your dog’s sound combined with vibrations of sound will trigger the sensors while another dog’s barking will not.
  •  SAFE NO HARM & EFFECTIVE: Our bark collar has 7 adjustable level sensitivity, 3 training modes of sound, vibration, and no harm, gentle shock, which can effectively stop dog barking with no injury to your dog. Vibration and gentle shock modes can be used separately or jointly. You can set a suitable level to correct your dog's behavior with all or any of the three alert options.
  • FITS ALL BREEDS: Our dog barking collar fits small, medium, and large dogs. From 7 to 120 lbs., and 11 to 24-inch neck size. The adjustable strap of the collar is made from comfortable nylon, and the length and tightness can be adjusted to fit your dog. Whether your dog is small (+7 lbs.) or a large dog (+100 lbs.) the adjustable collar will fit them just fine. Your dog is quickly and easily taught it just needs to stop barking to get rid of the irritating sound, vibration, and/or shock.
  •  USB RECHARGEABLE & RAINPROOF LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Our anti-barking collar features a built-in rapid charging lithium-ion battery and 1 hour or so of charging time give you up to 14 to 20 days of use! Auto Power Protect Mode helps conserve battery life When Not in Use. IP65 waterproof design, reliable, lightweight, and waterproof materials allow safe use of the collar indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions. We recommend taking off the anti-bark collar when your dog goes swimming.

Intelligent, Waterproof, Rechargeable Anti-Bark Dog Collar

  • FEATURES - High Quality: Our anti- bark collar is made of durable & safe materials & adopts the newest smart chip technology to effectively and automatically correct your dog’s barking.

    Advanced Vibration Sensor: Detects only your dog's barking and prevents false triggering. It is totally free from the environment noise and barking sound of nearby dogs.

    Digital Display: The digital display shows the seven levels of vibration, shock, and sensitivity for you to choose based on the actual needs of your dog.

    Automatic Protection: An automatic protection mode to deactivate the collar if activated 7 times in 1 minute then back to work in 1 minute.

    Safe & Humane: Seven levels of adjustable sensitivity and three training modes - sound, vibration, and no harm shock allow you to safely train your dog stop barking.

    Fit All Small/Medium/Large Dogs (from 7 lbs. to 120 lbs.) Dogs of different sizes respond to stimulus differently. The average time it will take to effectively train your dog will vary depending on your dog’s temperament. Training time typically takes no less than two weeks with regular daily training.

    15 Days Standby time with USB Charging: Can be fully charged for about 1 hour and last about 15 days, solving frequent battery recharging.

    Unique & Fashion Design: Try our high-tech bark collar! We bet you are going to love the design of this anti-bark collar once you get it!

    Included: 1 Waterproof Bark Control Receiver; 1 Reflective Collar with Accessory Ring; 1 28'' Micro USB Cable; 1 Safe Shock Test Light; 1 User Manual; 2 Conductive Silicone Jackets

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