• EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: 4 Feet (48 Inch) long and 5/8-inch wide red Service Dog Leash is made with tough, heavy-duty nylon and it has luxurious soft neoprene padded handle for amazing comfortable shock grip to allow for easy control and durability and protects your hand from friction burns. You can train, walk or run all day with your service dog. This leash will clearly show that your Service Dog is working and on duty.
  • HIGHLY VISABLE: Reflective white SERVICE DOG lettering printed for easy identification and complete safety
  • BUILT TO LAST: Woven of tough heavy-duty nylon, the solid, durable, rust-proof, plated metal leash hook clip is for secure attachment on a service dog vest, harness or a collar
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES & BREEDS: Two sizes available for the smallest of dogs to the very largest. Long. The standard size is 4-foot-long by 5/8” wide and the large size is 4-foot-long by 1” wide, ideal for the larger dog dogs
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In case you are not fully satisfied with our Service Dog Leash, you are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Replacement Policy! You simply can't miss such a risk-free deal. Just 4 Paws is a trusted manufacturer of working dog supplies, accessories, gear, ID’s and tags!

Padded Service Dog Leash with Neoprene Handle & Reflective Print - Red

  • Our Service Dog Leash with Neoprene Handle and Reflective SERVICE DOG Lettering always allows you to maintain control over your dog. It measures 4 feet long and provides enough slack to keep your companion at a reasonable distance. It also serves as an additional identifier featuring large, reflective SERVICE DOG lettering. Our service dog leash has a padded, neoprene handle and comes with a silver, rust-proof trigger hook leash clip which allows you to easily attach or detach it from a service animal vest or harness.

    A dog leash gives you an added measure of safety for both you and your dog especially when in a public setting. A service dog leash provides control while it also provides additional identification for the public to recognize a dog on-the-job and not just a family pet out for a walk and provides an added measure of safety for both you and your dog

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    Leash size: 5/8” Wide by 4’ Long
    Clip material: 100% plated zinc
    Handle: Luxurious soft neoprene
    Packaged in 2” X 8” Poly Bag

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