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  • 2 FREE CUSTOM PHOTO ID’s INCLUDED: Your order ships with Two (2) Free Custom Photo IDs (a $50.00 added value just for the 2 ID Cards) and complimentary registration of your dog on the U.S. Service Dogs Registry. The ID card is professionally designed full-color High Definition Security Sealed with QR Code on 30 mils thick PVC Plastic ID card (Size 2-1/4” X 3.-1/3”). Your card is imprinted with your dog’s photo, dog and handler's names, and optionally with your address and phone number.
  • WHY BUY: It's rather simple, you want to take your Service Dog everywhere with you, and this is the easiest way to do it! 
  • HIGHEST PRINT QUALITY AT 600 DPI -  Your professionally designed, full-color, high-definition ID card will be printed using the latest technology, Your photo and text will be transferred to the surface of the lightweight but extremely durable PVC card at 600 DPI and sealed into the PVC Composite Plastic. Size identical to a credit card (2-1/4” X 3.-1/3”) and imprinted with your dog’s photo, dog and handler's name, dog's registration number, and optionally microchip, address & phone number.
  • QR CODE REGISTRY LOOK-UP & DIGITAL ID - A unique QR code allows the ID to be scanned and the user is redirected to your complimentary working-dog registration on the U S Service Dogs Registry website. Your data will be entered into the registry and you will receive a complimentary digital copy.  Digital IDs are sent via text to your phone, shortly after your order ships.
  • SECURITY SEAL FOR MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE - The Registry Seal is applied in full color with 600 DPI imaging as a security seal or digital certificate, authenticating the IDs are genuine. The quality of the seal makes our IDs nearly impossible to reproduce. Our text and image are embedded and heat-sealed into a 30-mil PVC card to make our IDs virtually impossible to destroy.
  • ID HOLDER - Sturdy with a swivel snap hook, easily attaches to your dog's collar. Fits your Service Dog ID perfectly and is designed to minimize confrontation and help provide access to public areas. 
  • TSA & ADA COMPLIANT - Our IDs have been screened by TSA and meet all government requirements and regulations.
  • FREE REGISTRATION - Customization information and photos allow us to create a free registration at the U.S. Service Dogs Registry for you. A new registration number will be created for you unless you provide a previous registration number.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Your ID is proudly made in the USA. We are confident you and your dog will be extremely proud to present this ID. Your order will ship USPS First Class Mail with tracking unless other services were purchased. Your order will include two (2) ID, one (1) Card Holder, and one (1) digital copy, which will be sent via text to your phone the next business day.

Service Dog Badge & Leather Wallet with 2 Custom Photo IDs

  • We highly recommend adding Shipping Insurance to your order at checkout.


    Order will be shipped within 48 Hours of receipt.

    • Allow 5-9 days for standard delivery via the USPS or 2-3 days for optional Priority Mail for days not including the day of shipment or holidays depending on the size of your package and your region of the country in relation to us in Florida.
    • UPS Next Day & 2 Day rates are available


    *We typically ship out orders within 1-2 business days. Business days are considered Monday-Friday.

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