• WHY BUY: It’s rather simple, you love your service dog and you want it everywhere with you; restaurants, buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, cruise ships, grocery stores and even airplanes. Well, this is the way to do it! Grab your service dog information ID card, and have doors opened for your team!
  • QR CODE LOOK-UP: Unique QR code allows the information ID card to be scanned and user is redirected to the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) website to be able to read and verify the law regarding service animals. You may also register your dog free at htttps://www.usservicedogsregistry.org/register-your-animal-info
  • FULL ACCESS: This Service Dog Information ID Card will reduce conflicts and challenges from uninformed individuals, allowing your service dog to enter restaurants, buildings, hotels, cruise ship, grocery stores and airplanes as per ADA laws.
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: The embedded holographic seal gives the ID badge a level of authenticity that’s undisputable. No lamination is used so there is no change of delaminate over time, guaranteed!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Professionally designed full color High Definition 30 mil thick PVC Plastic ID card (Size 2-1/4” X 3.-1/3”) imprinted in full color on both side with information regarding the regulations and the law, as it relates to service dog access with its disabled handler to all public places.

Service Dog ID Information Card | Includes Registration to U S Service Dogs Regi

  • Professional Designed Custom Full Color Holographic Information ID Cards Our professionally designed custom full color, high definition holographic Information ID cards are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. They are made with unmatched quality. Our Information ID Cards are the same size as a credit card (2-1/8” X 3-3/8”), so you can easily carry them in your wallet or purse or attached with the provided strap to your dog’s harness or collar. Our holographic security seal images are embedded during the printing process, never laminated, so you do not have to worry about delamination of your card with use over time. With a slight twist of the card, you can see the silver holographic, giving your card an unquestionable level of authenticity. We also invite you to register your service animal on our site at no charge. The front side of the information card contains an QR code that will take the party scanning your card directly to the Americans With Disabilities (ASA) website. Both the front and back of the card have the seal of The U S Department of Justice, who enforces ADA regulations. The reverse side has the law and regulations summarized. It informs the businesses employee how they must comply with the ADA laws and admit all service animals and their handlers. The ADA does not require service animals to wear a photo ID tag, vest, or specific harness. However, if you can provide a summary of the law, it will reduce the amount of challenges and hassle you could receive when entering a which this card does, business which has a “No Pet Policy”.

    PLEASE NOTE: This card is not personalized. If you require a personalized card, please see our personalized products by searching Amazon for: Custom Holographic QR Code Service Dog

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